How People See You & Homer Simpson

People with brands like companies.

I’ll admit it might seem like a bit of an odd idea. (“Let’s all go off and make logos for ourselves!”) We’re used to companies being the ones thinking about how they relate to the public and interact with (the) media, not individuals.

Speaker, Author, Consultatant, Advisor

Trevor Young – Speaker, Author, Consultatant, Advisor

Our guest speaker at Sunday Assembly Melbourne this month, Trevor Young, explained this oddness quite well while talking about ‘personal branding’:

“This is the phrase that many people feel is icky, but they feel it’s icky because they believe… that personal branding is about making a false persona for yourself; crafting an image especially for the public that’s not authentically you …but that was before social media.”

Social media makes it more difficult and less feasible to hide from the World. Given that it is so pervasive and so integral to communicating with others in this modern world, we might as well embrace it.

Here’s a simple case study that illustrates the point : suppose Homer posted a image like this on social media…


Homer, how he sees himself, and how we see him (all represented in one image – efficient, huh?)

First, there’s Homer looking at himself in the mirror.

Then there’s how he sees himself.

Then there’s how we see him (seeing himself.)




“I know a neat diagram when I see one and THAT is one neat diagram.”

All of this can be neatly diagrammed (as on the left.)

Arguably, we all spend our lives in a diagram like this. All of our lives, our real selves and our self-perceptions are always there. (Or not far away.) On top of that, unless we never come into contact with other people, we are always living with other people’s perceptions of us.

Ideally, we would all know and be comfortable with who we are. Trevor, however, is going to be talking about the third area – how other people see us, how we can see where they’re coming from and how we can nudge them towards our own (hopefully) correct views about ourselves.


As Trevor says: “You have a personal brand whether you like it or not. That being the case – Why wouldn’t you want to influence that perception in some way?”

Join us this Sunday to hear Trevor Young talk about the Reputation Revolution!
When: 11am, 31 August (2014 – Did I need to put that?)
Where: Collingwood Senior Citizen’s Centre, Eddy Crt, Abbotsford (It’s just near Collingwood train station.)
What else: Tea, cake, singing pop songs and swapping books and DVDs.
Adjectives: Fun, communal, enlightening…

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