Katie and Winnie

Humanity Reflected in the Eye of a Newborn

Many of you will be aware that our service this Sunday will be a very special one:

Not only are we taking part in the Changemakers Festival, but…

Katie and Winnie

Katie and Winnie at our fundraising BBQ on the weekend

We will be officially welcoming Winnie, the newborn daughter of Katie and Ritchie, with a Grand Hello ceremony.

You’re not expected to know the guest of honour (That’s kinda the point, after all), but what if you don’t know Ritchie or Kate? Maybe you met them once, but couldn’t pick them out of a police line up. Should you come along??

Well, first of all, they invited you. Or rather they made this open to the public, so anyone can attend. Including you. Curiosity and generosity of spirit are to be encouraged. I will go out on a limb and say these are character traits our new parents would like to instil in their daughter. So, come along and share those beautiful traits!

It is worth noting, however, that this day will be about more than one glorious, little person and her parents – much more. Here are a few things that each of us might like to reflect on this Sunday:

Our shared humanity

Everyone was a baby once. There was a time for all of our current world leaders when they couldn’t form a sentence – or even understand one. Your favourite musicians couldn’t sit up, let alone play a solo. That person who cut you off the other day couldn’t walk the distance to the car and, if they did somehow manage to clamber up onto the seat, their feet wouldn’t reach the pedals. (That would be so adorable, though.)

We have so much in common with the rest of humanity – a fact that is always worth bringing to mind.

Our reliance on each other
When we were born, we relied on other people for our basic survival. Although we may have gotten the hang of holding our heads up on our own and feeding ourselves, it is worth realising how dependent our existence is on other people.

I didn’t grow the food I eat.
I didn’t build the house I live in.
I don’t manage any of the public utilities in my area, or even just the bit where they run under my front nature strip.

For all of these things and countless others, I am indebted to a mind-bogglingly vast network of people. We all are.

Indeed, even if I wanted to do all of those things, it would be impossible – there are just too many tasks, too many roles to take on. Instead, people specialise and cooperate. Bob grows the carrots, Nujood does the plumbing and so on.

We’re all in this together. This is one reason why strong and supportive communities are so important to society.

Everyday is a chance to grow
Winnie is growing and changing very quickly, but change is an unavoidable fact of life, even for us non-babies. Every minute is an opportunity to live better.

What does ‘living better’ mean to you? What is a small thing you could do after you’ve finished this article to live better?

It is worth noting that however much she grows, she will still be herself. Growth is arguably the ultimate way to express ourselves.

What are your thoughts? Are there any reflections you would like to share? Just post them below – we’d love to hear them. 🙂

As part of the ceremony this Sunday, Katie and Ritchie will ask each of us to write down something we wish to be part of Winnie’s life – it could be a character trait, an experience, an idea, a dad joke… Anything! I just thought I would let you know now, so you can all start pondering on it. 

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