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Ride Like the Wind and Don’t Stop! (Liner Notes)

A crowdsourced playlist with songs shared by David, Caoimhe*, Wendy, Daniel, Irina, Stella, Leslie, two Rods, and three Jos with commentary from Simon and (your name here). Please note: Sunday Assembly Melbourne is an inclusive community based on and inspired by The Sunday Assembly started in London in 2013, but is unaffiliated with The Sunday […]

Reconciliation, Recognition and Justice

(This is a transcript of the speech given by Emily Chauvel Byrne on 22nd February, 2015 at the monthly meeting of Sunday Assembly Melbourne.) (Acknowledgement of Country) Before I get into the presentation today, I thought I would share why I became involved in the Constitutional Recognition campaign. Throughout my schooling I was aware of this silence and […]

Ideas with Square Wheels

Should cars have square wheels? No. No, they shouldn’t.   But is it a good idea? Yes, definitely.   Let me explain…   Square wheels on our cars would be a bad idea in reality – it would result in terrible wear on the wheels, for one thing, and it would make for bumpy ride. […]

How People See You & Homer Simpson

People with brands like companies. I’ll admit it might seem like a bit of an odd idea. (“Let’s all go off and make logos for ourselves!”) We’re used to companies being the ones thinking about how they relate to the public and interact with (the) media, not individuals. Our guest speaker at Sunday Assembly Melbourne this […]