What is Sunday Assembly?

The Sunday Assembly is a radically inclusive, godless congregation that meets on the last Sunday of every month to hear great talks, sing songs, and generally celebrate life.

How did it start?

The Sunday Assembly was started by Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans, two comedians who were on the way to a gig in Bath when they discovered they both wanted to do something that was like church but totally secular and inclusive of all—no matter what they believed.

The first ever Sunday Assembly meeting took place on January 6th 2013 at The Nave in Islington. Almost 200 people turned up at the first meeting, 300 at the second and soon people all over the world asked to start one.

Now there are over 70 Sunday Assembly chapters in 8 different countries where people sing songs, hear inspiring talks, and create community together. We proudly host Sunday Assembly in Melbourne, VIC.

Is it just for athiests?

No! Sunday Assembly is for everyone. We welcome people of every faith and none. Whilst many of the people who attend are seeking a secular alternative to a church community, there are also many who identify with a religious faith. All are included, valued and welcome.

Where and when do you meet?

We meet on the last Sunday of every month at Richmond Library (corner of Church and Swan Sts, Richmond Victoria 3121). Please double check the Events page though to avoid disappointment – very occasionally there will be a last minute change of venue. Arrival time is 10:45am. We invite you to bring a plate of food to share and stay for morning tea and mingling after the assembly.

How do I join?

No ‘membership’ as such is required, simply come along to an Assembly and you will be welcomed by our friendly committee members. Check out our Events page for info on the next Assembly or follow us on Facebook or Meetup.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to attend an assembly. As SAM is entirely volunteer-run and we do not receive any funding, we do pass a collection basket around at each assembly and invite our attendees to make a small donation towards our ongoing costs (such as venue hire) if they wish to do so. Sometimes our social events will have a cost involved, but we aim to keep these as affordable and accessible as possible.

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    1. Simon Kennedy

      Hi, Jason!

      Our next assembly is this Sunday. Here are all the pertinent details…

      When: 11am-1ish on 31 August
      Where: Collingwood Senior Cits Centre, Eddy Court (near Collingwood train station)

      Here’s the event page on this site: http://melbourne.sundayassembly.com/events/2014/08/august-service-reputation-revolution/
      And the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/events/340555816100780/

      Kind regards,

      PS – Sorry for the delayed response.

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